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Mikayla Jorgenson

Special Education


Hello Families!

I am the Bertha-Hewitt Special Education teacher for grades kindergarten through second grade. I am almost done with my early childhood special education master's degree. I have my bachelor's degree in speech and language disorders. I have two children with my husband, Dylan. Sydney is my daughter and she attends kindergarten in Mrs. Miller's class! My son, Teddy, is almost two and loves trucks and singing. We go camping each summer together. We enjoy lake superior and riding horses at my parents house.


 In my classroom we work on academics in a way that each student can reach their potential. We also work on following directions, finishing tasks, and talking about emotions so we can solve problems with our peers. At Bertha, every student is our student. Each and every one of your kiddos is important to us. Please email me with any questions. I respond quicker to emails than voicemails. These emails go directly to my school email and I can respond as soon as I get them! Thank you for trusting me to teach your kids. They truly are capable of great things!


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